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Raw Leiba


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With a film company which grossed millions of dollars in the U.K and slew of satisfying acting and producing roles one might think Raw Leiba would be content..but the actor/producer/director animal rights,human rights and social justice advocate known for movies and TV shows like The Heat,Falling Skies and The Sitter has goals that are not centered in Hollywood glitz or what party he needs to attend.

Instead Raw Leiba”s goal is to help those who cannot help themselves, with an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars in earnings and some shrewd investments he’s used his good fortune and time to find “causes I believe in” and drive his passion for change

But to understand Raw Leiba you must first understand the man .

Leiba was born in Newark Nj to a Brazilian mother and African American/Native American father of Comanche origin both his parents were athletes his mom ran track for the Brazilian National Team his dad had a stint as a professional football player. “I had a very unique experience growing up I lived in Newark NJ then Woodbridge NJ then Franklin Lakes NJ “So I saw all phases from poverty to living amongst some of the richest people in the world, hell I knew a real pimp in Newark and then I knew the Housewives of New Jersey in Franklin Lakes” laughing the whole time, Leiba also had the opportunity to live for one year on the Comanche Indian reservation in Oklahoma (in what Leiba calls his life changing experience) “and my mom being from Brazil and that’s another whole different element”.. Leiba often recalls quip from his dad being on his son being person of color “My dad would say,”Mannn.. your Latin, African American and Native American your more fuc&ed then I am!”

His passion for animals came early “we always had a dog around the house growing up mostly German Shepherds and I was attached to every one of them” Leiba now has up to 6 at dogs at a time whom he calls his closest friends “Hey look they are happy when I come home they are sad when I leave AND they’ve never asked me for money to produce a movie”

In 2021 Leiba quietly donated $30,000 to various animal charities and causes from dogs to bears to dolphins.

His human epiphany came from the disasters in both Puerto Rico and Haiti. As Leiba remembers, “I had been to both places before and after the those tragedies, the Puerto Rico I knew before Maria has changed the Island forever and I felt the government at the time wasn’t doing nearly enough.. and in Haiti with all the corruption and lack of resources and infrastructure, the earthquake made an already bad situation much worse”

So for his part Leiba donated $25,000 dollars to the Puerto Rican relief effort at the 2019 Golden Latin Awards. “We were very happy to receive that money and it helped tremendously” said Maria Gonzalez who headed the islands Internal Relief Facilities in San Juan and Fajardo. “The funds were actually in our hands the day before Mr Leiba presented the check, we wanted to do a presentation and ceremony in Puerto Rico,but because of timing he felt it was appropriate to present it at the Awards show and we agreed”

Raw leiba
Donating $25,000 to aid Puerto Rico

Leiba also organized a group of movie set builders to help rebuild the “Blue Tarp” roofs and homes in Puerto Rico . “It was a very small group of maybe a dozen guys and their Union had to waive some rules” Leiba recounts “but they came with knowledge that I didn’t have and were able to do some good and as a former athlete I know that team effort is what breeds success”.

“In Haiti the situation was different “says Leiba. “The reports coming out of there were horrific ,and because of an unstable government, complete chaos and no real infrastructure you didn’t know where your donations were going, so if you donated food or clothes or anything like that, were the people going to actually get it? who knows” said Leiba “there were reports that nothing was getting to the people and that there were food supplies and other things piled up at airport hangars and not being distributed to the people”.

Leiba ultimately decided to donate money to the Red Cross, an organization he knew. “I went that route because I’m familiar with them,” he recalls.

 “Haiti needs a lot of help. It’s a very,very bad situation there,he said “and if you really want to get freaked out look at a satellite picture of Haiti at night there are no lights because there is no electricity all kinds of bad things are happening”.

 As for his career path from here Leiba is is not sure, “I know I still want to act, produce and direct..and this sounds crazy right now, but maybe own a network like Byron Allen or Oprah Winfrey or atleast a station or two” then he pauses “you know what, maybe it’s not so crazy?..ya never know” with a smile and a wink.

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