Music has always been a huge part of Keyon’s life. According to the narrator, “Many of my favourite artists’ sounds, whether it’s the cadence, delivery, or just overall self-image that I find unique about their sound, I try to craft it into my own thing, I am very determined to find success.”


Throughout the years, hip hop music, particularly rap, has grown in popularity as a favourite musical genre for people all over the world. Many people aspire to be rappers, only to be confronted with the reality of how difficult it is to achieve success. As exciting as rap music is, it can be difficult to achieve success in it. Despite this, Keyon has shown no signs of letting up on his craft and has demonstrated his musical abilities on a consistent basis.

Keyon has always had a strong interest in music, which has become one of his main passions. ‘Many of my favourite artists that I listen to, I try to take something that I find unique about their sound, whether it’s their cadence, delivery, or just overall self image, and I try to craft it into my own thing,’ he says. “I am extremely determined to achieve success.” As far as musical influences go, he lists Drake, Kanye West, and Travis Scott as some of his favourites, who he considers to be sources of inspiration.

Back in 2017, he released his debut EP, titled ‘The Intro.’ It was entirely produced by him, as well as mixed and mastered by him. Keyon describes his first EP “The Intro” project as a significant learning experience, in which he was able to exercise as much creative freedom as he needed throughout the entire project because he was working without the constraints of a label.
Keyon has collaborated with a number of other well-known Canadian artists, including rappers Kofi and Dax, among others.

In 2018, he released his most recent mixtape, titled “Summers Not Over,” which contained a total of nine songs. As he explained, “Summers not over was a mixtape that I really wanted fans to listen to even after summer had come to an end; it was something I wanted fans to take with them and remember the summer.”

Keyon has now wowed fans with his latest single, “Fly Out,” which was released earlier this year. He is currently working on releasing singles before the summer, so make sure to keep an eye out for new music from him!

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