Meet Kzr (Kayzar), a true desi pop fusion artist who is taking over the world of desi pop.

In recent years, the young pop fusion music star Kzr(Kayzar) has catapulted himself to the top of the desi pop industry, thanks to his unwavering determination and enthusiasm for music.

Kzr (Kayzar)

Year after year, we hear stories of different individuals from a variety of businesses and fields who are doing things differently with their trade and grabbing the attention of everyone who hears about it. Have you ever pondered what it was that enabled these individuals, particularly children, to achieve so much? There could be a variety of reasons at play, but one cannot ignore the genuine enthusiasm, unwavering determination, and tenacity of the younger generation, which has enabled them to soar to greater heights with their intrinsic abilities and talents in whatever they have chosen to pursue. However, just a handful of these rare gems have gone on to become household names and stand out from the crowd in the music industry, which is one of those industries that has given birth to an innumerable number of such gifted humans. Kzr (Kayzar), a rising desi pop artist from East London who has now carved out a unique identity for himself as a developing musician and singer who understands how to strike the right chords with the right people, has unapologetically placed himself in this category.

Growing up, I always loved music growing. Interestingly, however, I only realised that I could sing and rap at the age of 14 – quite the contrary to many people who begin at age 4-5! I think this was primarily due to a large surge of confidence that I developed around this age, allowing me to not only ‘find my voice’ but to find myself too. I went on to do music for next few year but soon after I left university I went in to full-time working and music took a back seat. Music came back into my life and the forefront when Rah (now my musicengineer) asked me to come and chill at his studio. I started to freestyle and he was messing around with different beats, he called me over and told me to listen to an up-and-coming singer, so as I was listening to my playbacks, he asked me if I agree, I really liked what I heard, stating that it was they who encouraged him to pursue a career in the music industry, as well as the kind of tendency he had from an early age towards the field.

Ask him what obstacles have you faced in your professional life? How did you overcome them? and becoming the musician Kzr (Kayzar) is today, and the young pop star quickly replies saying, A lot of the foundational work I needed to do as a musician it can be pretty simple. But I didn’t say it’s easy — it takes commitment, planning, and discipline, but as far as complexity, it really is pretty basic. It consists of content creation, relationship building, and being present and seen.

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Working in a creative or artistic field requires a tough skin, and the music industry is no exception. Musician, manager, agent or promoter—we all experience setbacks. I had to learn how to deal with disappointment and continuing to move toward my goals without getting sidetracked. I had to learn to manage these common occurrences which has helped me stay focused.

I had to learn to understand that no matter how much talent you may have or even how hard you work, your sound is never going to appeal to everyone. Particularly to people within the music industry, who will always have their own opinions and biases in regards to what sounds/feels ‘good.’ So a big challenge for me was learning how to detach from those opinions and continuing to create music that I loved despite them.

Because of his unique blend of dance music, and desi style his songs easily capture the attention of listeners, propelling him to the top of the music industry.


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