Michael Martinez says financial freedom brings peace.

Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez

Financial independence entails more than just accumulating wealth. It also provides you with the peace of mind that you and your family are well taken care of. Creating financial independence for himself and his family brings Michael Martinez great delight as he knows it means that they will never have to endure a life of poverty like he did.

As children growing up in East Los Angeles, Michael and his siblings were accustomed to living in poverty. And between the ages of 18 and 21, Michael had to face drug addiction as well as gang violence before making a positive change in his life. He already had some sales experience, so he decided to pursue a career in the debt collection profession. The problem, Michael realised, was that if he wanted to break the cycle of poverty in his life, he would have to become a business owner himself. “Fear of failing will always be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Leaving a solid employment to take a chance on business is a big risk. Fear is merely your body’s reaction to being in a bad state. Instead, put your faith in your positive self. Both of these sides are within everyone of us. It is a fight of wills. “Do not allow the negative to triumph,” Michael Martinez advises.

Michael founded his first collection agency in 2012, and today he is the owner and operator of the largest and most profitable collection agency chain in the United States. He also invests in real estate, and he has risen to become the nation’s top wholesaler for the first time this year. His group generates $2 million in monthly revenue, and he is constantly looking for methods to increase that figure. Michael operates from a place of ambition, and he intends to develop his collection agency to generate $2 million in revenue each month, while also increasing the revenue of his real estate business to $1 million by adding multi-family units to his property and expanding his commercial operations.

Michael has no need to be afraid because he has faced and overcome the worst that life has to offer. Instead, he places his faith in God and believes that by believing in ourselves, we may create our own reality. “Mindset is the most crucial factor, second only to heart and passion in terms of success. The presence of uncertainty and negativity in one’s thinking will prevent one’s activities from being totally successful,” Michael Martinez adds.
Michael intends to use his organisations to provide a secure financial future for his family, guided by his vision, faith, and desire. He wants to make certain that they would never have to go through what he went through. Michael is also looking forward to documenting his growth on YouTube as he progresses through life.

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