Marching his way to the top as a musical artist, percussionist, and versatile talent is Jabril Malik.


Optimizing the social media platforms, sharing his snare drum videos, Jabril Malik earned a massive audience and established his brand “Super Drummers”.

The kind of talent the world has been seeing today has taken many by surprise, looking at how these individuals, especially the younger brigade, have been thriving off of their commitment, perseverance and pure passion for what they do and all that they choose to lay their hands on. More and more industries today are flourishing due to the major contributions made by these young individuals and the innovative talents they have shown to take those industries to greater success levels. Doing exactly that in the world of music is a versatile talent named Jabril Malik, who, with his innate skills and talents as a percussionist, music producer, video producer, musical artist and educator, has changed the game of the American music industry for the better.

Music was something that his heart was hooked to forever, which he realized at a very early age. Jabril Malik graduated from Rosemont High School, Sacramento City College and also attended Folsom Lake College and Prairie View A&M University. He became the assistant director of the Sacramento Guardian Knights Drum Corps and even marched for his school and university’s marching band. Jabril Malik showed his prowess in playing the percussion for the Rosemont High School Jazz, Symphonic, Orchestral, Concert band and Folsom Lake College’s “Afro Cuban Funk Band”.

However, everything began for him in 2006, when he started his YouTube channel with the intention to reach more people with the power of music. Posting his marching snare drum videos gave him immense love, appreciation and massive audiences on YouTube, which gave him incredible work opportunities, including performing at the Universal Studios, Japan. Earning a colossal number of followers and subscribers on YouTube motivated him to establish his brand called “Super Drummers”. Since then, Jabril Malik has travelled to different parts of the world, networked with various percussionists and worked as an independent artist.

Revealing more about his journey, Jabril Malik says that rejection at an audition in 2012 for a live stage show ignited the fire in him to take YouTube more seriously. Though he had started making YouTube videos even before that, this time, he was determined to showcase to the world what he truly stood for as a percussionist and musical artist. Be it his first live TV appearance, endorsement deal, launching his custom signature marching stick model at the 2019 NAMM Show with Vater Percussion, doing events, being a special guest, travelling the world, Jabril Malik has done it all and excelled at whatever he chose to do in life.

Today, he is also an educator who teaches students the art of drumming, covering stick tricks, exercises, rudiments and music reading. March 2021 saw the release of his debut album named “Nothing Less than Epic”, Vol 1, which helped him prove his mettle in the industry and become an inspiration to other budding musical artists.


To find out more, follow him on Instagram @sdjmalik.

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