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Manish Singh, a digitalpreneur and the founder of ZZED Media, explains why people, brands, and businesses need to embrace digital transformation.

Manish Singh

Manish Singh, the founder of ZZED Media and India’s youngest digital entrepreneur and millionaire, has come forward to explain that in order to succeed in today’s business environment, businesses and companies must gain deeper insights into new business models and customer behaviour in order to reach a wider audience.

All of the things that people prophesied a few years ago are now becoming digital in reality. More and more businesses and industries are becoming digitally transformed, owing in large part to the global pandemic that we are presently experiencing. Numerous things have altered for many sectors around the world as a result of it. Though it has disrupted industries, it has also provided hidden opportunities for organisations to uncover and capitalise on in order to grow. It’s time to welcome and embrace all of these improvements and changes, and to work to improve brands and businesses so that they can keep up with industry trends.

It is critical to take that great step ahead, utilising all of the digital world’s prospects for company effectiveness and insight. As a result, Manish Singh, the founder of ZZED Media and India’s youngest digital entrepreneur and millionaire, has come forward to explain how enterprises and companies may prosper in today’s business environment by gaining deeper insights into new business models and customer behaviour. He also mentions that a company’s decision to go digital is influenced by its culture and where it is in the business cycle.

Manish Singh explains why organisations must embrace digital transformation:

It has the potential to provide you with outstanding talent: Companies may hire top and appropriate digital personnel for their firms to make the most of digital tools thanks to the digital space. Data scientists, for example, are needed to evaluate and regulate huge data, while social media professionals are needed to comprehend analytics, algorithms, and many strategies to boost a company’s visibility and reach.

It boosts corporate productivity: Digital technologies have enabled employees to work from home, providing secure workspaces in which they can focus on their work while also benefiting from cross-functional collaboration environments, boosting business productivity.

Improving customer knowledge: Social media platforms have made it possible for brands and businesses to communicate with their customers on a more personal level. Their social media posts and content boost client knowledge, which is only feasible because of digital transformation. Businesses can better predict what their customers want, respect their feedback, and improve customer experiences more effectively and efficiently as a result of this.

Manish Singh of ZZED Media, India’s youngest digital entrepreneur and millionaire, cannot express enough how important it is for individuals and businesses to comprehend the force of the digital revolution, which they cannot ignore. In today’s world and age, smart devices, the Internet of Things, big data, remote working, and social media platforms are the only way ahead.


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