Blue Rose Publishers Releases “You Are The Priority” By Writer Devesh Singh

It is a unique book that leads people towards self-awareness, inspires them to be their priority.

Over the years, many new authors, authors, and publishers have emerged, as they have published books that have proved that life has changed direction for some, while for others, has given them a new life. Gave meaning, helped them. Walk towards the world of wisdom and positivity. Such books influence the mindset and attitude of the people thereby helping them to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. That’s exactly what Blue Rose Publishers is doing, who recently published author Devesh Singh’s book “You Are The Priority”.

You Are The Priority is about helping people move towards self-awareness and serves as a special book for author Devesh Singh, who tells that this book is a special moment in his life and assignment. It is inspired by real-time scenarios and life. Example, written in such a way that each sentence will make readers feel related, ultimately overwhelming them. Throwing more light on the book, the much-loved author says, “It is about setting foot in an unstable world, focusing on life’s goals, tackling the problems of society and moving towards light and self-awareness, where One person takes that as a priority.” You Are the Priority deals with various important issues that have taken over a large part of many personal lives – anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, insomnia and other mood disorders. Each chapter explains the importance of balancing life by understanding the true nature of happiness and contributing to overall mental health.

Devesh Singh from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, apart from being a passionate writer and author, is an IT Project Manager with FirstRand Bank, is currently a motivational speaker with 7+ years of experience in the industry, and is even a Addressed the audience as guest speaker. With regard to survival of fittest in multinational company.

Syed Asad Hassan, Managing Director of Blue Rose Publishers, was more than pleased to join hands with author Devesh Singh to publish the book and also said, “The book is truly and positively inspired by people to become the best version of themselves and to be themselves. We at Blue Rose Publishers are thrilled to work with writers like Devesh Singh who have the power to connect deeply with readers, give them more insight and share their thoughts and beliefs with them. It has the power to help one get closer to a better self. Hence, we feel the book is a must read as it has the dynamism and potential to influence more and more people.”

Asked what inspired him to write this book, Devesh Singh said that two years ago, incidentally, when he met his childhood friend, he came to know about his severe depression. So, he started counseling her and helped her face her struggles, overcome them and lead her a stable life. This inspired him to express his thoughts not only orally but also by writing.

Devesh Singh says that You Are the Priority is all about depression and the process of self-healing by doing simple things but mainly for their own happiness. The book is available on Amazon and Flipkart. His second book, “Covid You and Your Confidence”, is also available in the market and plans to come up with many more books in the coming years.

Devesh Singh has been the recipient of various awards and honours, including Sahityakosh Samman Award 2021, Tagore Memorial Samman 2021, Outstanding Youth Achievement Award by Global Education Summit & Awards 2021, Words Brew Book Awards 2021.

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